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Choosing a payment plan for your account
Choosing a payment plan for your account
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To begin advertising with Mantis, media buyers are required to select a payment plan. In this article, we'll explore the different payment plans that are available and walk you through the steps of picking the perfect plan for your specific use-case.

Different types of payment plans

There are four (4) types of payment plans available for advertisers to choose from within the Mantis DSP: 

  1. Starter

  2. Pro

  3. Business

  4. Enterprise

For a full breakdown of the different types of plans and features, click here.

Starter plan

For personal or hobby projects that aren’t business-critical.

The Starter plan is ideal for brands that are brand new to Mantis or working with a low budget. Starting at just $90/mo, this is the perfect plan for giving our powerful advertising software a test-run before committing to a more expensive plan and/or higher volumes of media spend.

Note: The starter plan includes country-level targeting at no extra cost. For advanced local targeting capabilities, consider upgrading to the Pro, Business, or Enterprise plan depending on your specific campaign requirements.

What's included:

  • Easy-to-use advertising software

  • Display banner ads

  • Recommended content ads

  • Pre-roll & hosted video ads

  • Advanced retargeting capabilities

  • Real-time bidding platform

  • Conversion tracking pixel

  • Premium vCPM inventory

  • Impression fraud protection

  • Click fraud protection

  • Premium mainstream audiences

  • Exclusive cannabis/CBD audiences

  • Live chat & ticket based support

  • 100% self-service capabilities

  • Country-level targeting

  • Performance dashboard

  • Ad hoc reporting

  • Blacklist URLs

  • Built-in ad compliance

  • Google Analytics support

  • Shopify + WooCommerce plugins

  • 40% exchange fee

Pro plan

For entrepreneurs and budget-conscious startups.

The Pro plan is a great, cost-effective option for advertisers that require state-level targeting functionality. Starting at just $270/mo, this plan gives you everything you need to advertise online without breaking the bank. And perhaps the best part is, you’ll instantly save 15% in programmatic exchange fees on every dollar spent by upgrading from the Starter plan to the Pro plan.

What's included:

  • Everything in the Starter plan, plus:

  • State-level targeting

  • 25% exchange fee

Business plan

For small businesses looking to take advertising efforts in-house.

Starting at just $750/mo, the Business plan is our most popular offering – and for good reason! Make your ad dollars go even farther with an even lower programmatic exchange fee. This plan also unlocks the ability to run advanced HTML 5 / rich-media ads that are designed to convert better than static banners. Finally, you'll be given the ability to target audiences at a designated market area (DMA) level or by setting a ZIP code with a radius, giving you even more flexibility than the Starter or Pro plans.

What's included:

  • Everything in the Pro plan, plus:

  • Metro-level (DMA) and ZIP code w/ radius targeting

  • HTML5 / rich-media ads

  • 10% exchange fee

Enterprise plan

For scaling businesses that want to grow as fast as possible.

The Enterprise plan is perfect for public companies, funded organizations, and medium to large businesses that are hyper-focused on growth. This plan requires an annual contract with a minimum monthly spend commitment of $10,000.

To learn more, please contact sales at

What's included:

  • Everything in the Business plan, plus:

  • Dedicated email + chat + phone support

  • 5% exchange fee

How to select a payment plan for your account

  1. Log in to Mantis (or sign up for a new account)

  2. Select an advertiser account to begin managing from the Account Switcher (drop-down selector tool) located at the top right of your desktop screen

  3. Via your dashboard, click on the green "Create a Campaign" button to start building your first ad campaign

  4. Follow the steps in the campaign creation wizard to setup your campaign

  5. On the last step, you'll be asked to confirm your payment plan, subscription length, and provide a payment method to cover the costs of your media buy

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