To begin advertising with Mantis, advertisers are required to select a payment plan. Agencies and publishers participate for free. In this article, we'll explore the different payment plans and walk you through the steps of picking a plan.

Different types of payment plans

There are three types of payment plans available for advertisers to choose from within the Mantis DSP: 

  1. Pay-as-you-go

  2. Self-service Seat

  3. Managed Service



Only pay for ad credits + deposit fees

The Pay-as-you-go pricing option is ideal for infrequent or seasonal marketers that prefer to spend money at their own pace. It's also great for people who are brand new to Mantis and still want to give our software a test-run before committing to a paid plan and higher volumes of ad spend. With this plan, you get instant access to use Mantis without having to pay a monthly subscription -- only pay for ad credits.

Note: Pay-as-you-go accounts are subject to a non-refundable deposit fee of 50% when adding funds to your ad credit balance. Due to this deposit fee, Pay-as-you-go pricing is only recommended for advertisers with a monthly budget below $2K USD. 

Important: Once you exceed $2K/mo. in ad spend, consider upgrading to a paid plan (i.e., the Self-Service Seat or Managed Service) to avoid paying the deposit fee and save big when spending larger sums of money.

What's included:

  • Real-time Bidding Platform

  • 100% of Your Winning Bid Goes To The Publisher

  • 4 Advertising Channels

  • Access to vCPM inventory

  • Impression Fraud Protection

  • Click Fraud Protection

  • Access to Exclusive Cannabis-Friendly Audiences

  • Access to Premium Mainstream Audiences

  • Retargeting Capabilities

  • Support Bot + DIY Help Center

  • Self-Service Capabilities

  • Geo-targeting Capabilities

  • Built-in Ad Compliancy

  • Google Analytics Support

  • Whitelisting & Blacklisting

  • Conversion Tracking

  • Shopify + WooCommerce Plugins


Self-service Seat

$1k / brand / mo. + ad credits

By going with a Self-service Seat, you get access to place ad buys with absolutely no intermediary fees or deposit fees on any amount of ad spend. The Self-service Seat is our most popular offering and is ideal for brands budgeting $2K or more in ad spend per month. The seat comes with even more great features like the ability to run direct with premium endemic publications like Leafly, Medical Jane, Grasscity, Merry Jane, and many more with absolutely no middleman fees (seriously, we take no cut).

What's included:

  • Everything in the Pay-as-you-go account, plus:

  • No Deposit Fee

  • Live Chat + Ticket Support

  • Ability to Run Direct Ad Campaigns via Mantis Direct

  • HTML5 Richmedia Ads


Managed Service

$2k / brand / mo. + ad credits

The Managed service option is recommended for companies that are ready to scale up and those that would like access to Mantis DSP inventory with white-glove service, as well as those with limited programmatic experience. 

What's included:

  • Everything the Self-service Seat offers, plus:

  • White-glove Service

  • Priority Phone Support

  • KPI & Bid Management

  • On-boarding Assistance

  • Creative Guidance

  • Landing Page Guidance

  • Bi-weekly Meetings

Interested in our Managed Service? Please contact for more details.


How to select a payment plan for your account

  1. Log in to Mantis (or sign up for a new account)

  2. Select an advertiser account to begin managing from the Account Switcher (drop-down selector tool) located at the top right of your desktop screen

  3. Go to the Billing tab on the left-hand navigation

  4. Note: If you haven't yet, you'll need to add a billing contact and credit card to your account. The system will prompt you to do both of these steps before allowing you to see the Plans & Pricing tab in your billing area.

  5. Navigate to the Plans & pricing tab at the top of the page (example below)

  6. Compare plans and select your desired payment plan on this page

  7. Follow the steps in your dashboard to complete payment and save your settings

An example of an Advertiser's Billing > Plans & pricing tab:

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