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Choosing between Self Service and Managed Service
Choosing between Self Service and Managed Service
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To begin advertising with Mantis, media buyers are required to select between two different account types: Self Service [or] Managed Service

In this article, we'll explore the differences between each offering and walk you through the steps of picking the perfect account type for your specific use-case.

Self Service

Ideal for agencies, sporadic ad buys, as well as personal or hobby projects that aren’t business-critical.

What's included:

  • You plan, execute and optimize your campaigns in our platform on your own

  • No monthly media spend requirement

  • No formal contract commitment required

  • Premium CPM/CPC inventory access

  • Unlimited campaigns and creatives

  • Ticket-based support (2 day priority)

Managed Service

Ideal for fast growing businesses, larger companies, and licensed orgs.

What's included:

  • Our team does the work in our platform for you

  • Media spend of at least $25,000 per month

  • Proposal creation and strategic advising

  • Attribution tracking (online + in-store)

  • More advanced targeting capabilities

  • Low mgmt fee (less than a full-time hire)

  • Dedicated account manager

Getting Started

Log in to Mantis (or sign up for a new account) to get started.

Note: All advertiser accounts default to Self Serviceto upgrade, simply contact us at or reach out via our live support chat within your ad account to learn more.

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