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New account review process for publishers
New account review process for publishers
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Before getting started as a new Mantis publisher, you will need to apply for a free property invite to join the Mantis ad platform. During the account review process, Mantis looks at the information submitted by a prospective publisher during the signup process, in addition to considering a number of other factors, in an effort to determine how well a new account is suited to join the Mantis advertising ecosystem.

The approval process for new publishers

Why must new publishers go through an approval process to join Mantis?

Mantis manages advertising space and digital real estate for hundreds of industry-leading publications while simultaneously managing buy-side accounts for some of the world's largest and most recognizable brands. To ensure a high level of quality across the network, Mantis has implemented a straight-forward and fair, yet strict review process for all new sell-side accounts.

For example, a publisher's application may not be approved if the associated website isn't fully functional, lacks quality, timely content, contains any obstructive pop-ups or design functionality, or any aspect of the application doesn't fully comply with all of the requirements for new publishers set forth by Mantis.


New publisher requirements

Any websites submitted for review must be live at the time of application and adhere to the following:

Page Type

  • Your website must be your own top-level domain ( and not

  • You must provide accurate personal information with your application that matches the information on your domain registration.

  • Your website must contain substantial, original content.

Traffic Minimum

  • Your website's monthly traffic should exceed 50,000 page views and be searchable via a quick Google search.

  • In addition to meeting these traffic requirements, prospective publishers will need to prove their audience is unique enough for advertisers to target.

Implementation Expectations

As a self-service ad platform, publishers are fully responsible for successfully integrating their website or app to be compatible displaying Mantis ads. The standard implementation for endemic publications is to use direct ad tags. However, if you require header bidding or DFP implementation instructions, please reach out to with your preferred implementation method.

Quality, Relevant Content

Simply having traffic to your property isn’t enough to guarantee acceptance into the Mantis platform. It is also important that advertisers are represented by quality websites and brands that are relevant to their target audience(s). In our case, we look for websites that cater to a unique audience by providing quality content that adheres to the following:

  • Your website must produce unique, engaging content on a regular basis (e.g., multiple new posts per week) and/or provide a utility for website users.

  • No overly sensitive content is allowed. Mantis believes strongly in freedom of expression and offers broad access to content across the web without censoring search results. At the same time, we reserve the right to exercise discretion when reviewing sites that want to serve Mantis Ads. If we find that your website contains content that we don’t allow at this time, your account application will be denied. In other words, Mantis doesn’t accept sites that advocate against any individual, group, or organization.

  • Mantis does not allow websites with excessive profanity or potentially offensive content to participate in its digital advertising ecosystem.

Website Under Construction

  • In order to assess your site’s eligibility, we require websites to be launched and buzzing with activity before being considered for the Mantis Ads program. If upon reviewing your site, we find that many of your site’s pages are incomplete or still under construction, your publication application will be declined.

  • Please email us at when your site is complete. We’ll be happy to reconsider your application at that time.

Difficult Site Navigation& Bad Ad Zones

  • Potential navigation issues include: broken links, excessive pop-ups, dialers, dynamic content, website pages under construction or not yet launched.

Additionally, applying websites must adhere to the following rules to prevent spammy tactics:

  • Any given page does not show more than 6 ad units to a user.

  • Ads must not be within 100 pixels of another advertisement (i.e., stacking ads isn't permitted).

  • Ads should be shown naturally on the page with no aggressive or unscrupulous incentives/tactics used to promote user engagement.

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FAQs for new publishers

What happens if your application is approved?

If your new account is approved by Mantis, you'll receive an e-mail with instructions to get started by implementing our network's ad tags. An account representative will reach out to you to schedule an introductory call. On this intro call, our goal is to learn more about your business, help answer any questions about the Mantis platform, and discuss next steps.

How do I check the status of my account?

At any time, you can check the status of your pending account by logging in to Mantis and navigating to your Account Switcher area (via the top right drop-down).

What happens if your application is declined?

If your account is declined during the application process, your account dashboard will include potential reasons as to why the decision was made, as well as information for starting an appeals process, if desired.


The appeals process

If your account is declined during the new account review process, you can appeal the decision after reviewing the provided decline reason(s) and ensuring your account meets all necessary requirements set forth by Mantis.

To process your appeals request within your Mantis account, navigate to your Account Switcher dashboard and view the decline reason(s) associated with your new account and follow the steps on the destination page.If you have any questions, please feel free to write us at

Reapplying as a Mantis publisher

If your site satisfies the above criteria in the future, please resubmit your application and we’ll review it as soon as possible.


Getting started as a publisher

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