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Creating a native ad campaign
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What are recommended content ads?

Recommended content ads are sponsored stories that show as native content under popular articles hosted on endemic (i.e., cannabis-focused) websites included in the Mantis network.

Mantis serves these native ad units via its proprietary content recommendation widget that is hosted directly on its partner's websites and apps.

An example of the native ad widget on a publisher's website:

Requirements for advertisers to run native ads

To launch a recommended content campaign on the Mantis ad network requires just three things:

  1. Link to a sponsored story, hosted on your website, that abides by the content ad policies set forth in our Ad Policies & Creative Restrictions document

  2. Short, descriptive title with each word capitalized (e.g., This Is An Example Title)

  3. Small thumbnail image that is relevant to the sponsored content

Important: Recommended content ads should be educational in nature and may not link to a sales page or promotional offer (i.e., landing pages can not have products posted for sale or be overly sales-focused).


How to create a recommended content campaign

  1. Log in to your Mantis buy-side account (or sign up for a new account)

  2. Navigate to the Campaigns tab in the left navigation

  3. On the Campaigns page, click the green Create a Campaign button to open the Campaign Creation Wizard

  4. In the wizard, choose Recommended Content as the desired ad type (as shown below)

  5. Follow the steps in the wizard to customize your campaign's targeting settings

  6. Upload content ad(s) to your campaign after reading through our Ad Policies and Creative Restrictions

  7. Submit your campaign to be reviewed by Mantis

An example of the Campaign Creation Wizard in your Mantis account:


Benefits of recommended content ads

Key benefits of working with Mantis to run your next recommended content campaign include, but are not limited to:

  • No 3rd party intermediary fees - Pay absolutely no third-party middlemen fees with Mantis Direct (when advertising with endemic publishers that are directly integrated with Mantis)

  • Fixed cost-per-click (CPC) pricing - Get guaranteed traffic to your website and save big by only paying for valid clicks from real humans (note: CPM pricing is used when targeting mainstream audiences via the Mantis Exchange)

  • Upload unlimited creatives - A/B test as many IAB-compliant creatives as you desire

  • Make changes on the fly - Mantis is a self-service ad platform that makes it quick and easy to update your campaign settings, creatives, and landing pages as needed

  • Seamless ad implementation - Mantis works with its publishing partners to ensure sponsored stories are cleanly presented to readers in a non-obtrusive way

  • More reach in the US and Canada - Mantis is the largest ad network of its kind, offering unrivaled reach at a local level in North America


Recommended content pricing

All recommended content campaigns are required to bid on a cost per click (CPC) price model in a transparent RTB ecosystem. Pricing for native ads on the Mantis ad network starts at just $0.30/CPC for all geos.

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