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Creating a display banner ad campaign
Creating a display banner ad campaign
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How to launch a Mantis display ad campaign

  1. Log in to your Mantis buy-side account (or sign up for a new account)

  2. Navigate to the Campaigns tab in the left navigation

  3. On the Campaigns page, click the green Create a Campaign button to open the Campaign Creation Wizard

  4. In the wizard, choose Display as the desired ad type (as shown below)

  5. Follow the steps in the wizard to customize your campaign's targeting settings

  6. Upload creative(s) to your campaign after reading through our Ad Policies and Creative Restrictions

  7. Submit your campaign to be reviewed by Mantis

An example of the Campaign Creation Wizard in Mantis:

Supported ad dimensions

Mantis currently supports the following display banner ad units:

300x250px - Medium Rectangle*

● 728x90px - Leaderboard

● 300x600px - Half Page

● 320x50px - Smartphone Static Wide

● 160x600px - Wide Skyscraper

● 970x250px - Billboard

● 970x90px - Super Leaderboard

*Note: The 300x250 is the only ad unit used on both desktop + mobile so it will generally get the most reach and is the best unit to focus on for A/B testing purposes.

Benefits of display advertising

Mantis is the only ad network of its kind allowing your business to quickly and effectively reach millions of targeted users across the globe. Other major benefits of working with Mantis to run your next display campaign include:

3rd party intermediary fees - With Mantis Direct, you pay absolutely no third-party middleman fees when advertising with the hundreds of endemic publications that are directly integrated with Mantis.

Flexible pricing options - Get started for as low as $250 on our self-service offering. Just fund your account with ad credits and submit your first campaign for review to get started. Contact us to learn more about our managed service.

Built-in fraud protection - All traffic goes through various safety checkpoints including multiple 3rd party, industry-leading fraud vendors. Rest assured knowing you’ll only pay for premium ad inventory and receive campaign performance insights in real-time.

Upload unlimited creatives - As an advertiser, you can A/B test as many IAB-compliant banner ads as you desire. Simply upload your artwork, set your daily spend limit, and let Mantis handle the rest!

Track conversions with ease - Implement the Mantis pixel on your website to monitor campaign performance, track conversions, and learn which publications and creatives are driving the best traffic in terms of RoaS (return on ad spend).

Note: this functionality is limited to brands investing at least $5,000 USD per month in programmatic advertising. Please contact us to learn more or to request this capability within your Mantis account.

Go local with geo-targeted ads - With access to 50,000+ websites and apps, Mantis offers unrivaled local reach no matter what market you are targeting.

Display ad pricing

Mantis advertisers get access to a real-time bidding platform and the ability to target premium endemic audiences with no third-party intermediary fees.

Note: When creating a Mantis campaign, you'll be prompted by the system to set a daily spend limit. Mantis will handle the rest and provide reports showcasing your campaign's effective CPM and CPC for each publication you are advertising with once your ads are live.

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