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Using Google Analytics to track conversions
Using Google Analytics to track conversions
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If you already operate a Google Analytics account for tracking website traffic and/or conversions from other sources, it is recommended that you use Google-friendly URLs when launching a campaign with Mantis or via any other third party (e.g., newsletters or social). Outside of the in-depth conversion tracking capabilities within Mantis, using Google-friendly URLs allow you to track click through conversions in their interface as well.

How to generate a Google-friendly URL

When submitting a campaign to Mantis, make sure to use the Google URL builder to put together a link that can be tracked by google analytics.

Here is how we recommend filling out the fields:

Website URL:

 The landing page you want to send the user when they click the ad.

Campaign Source: mantis

  • The campaign source should be consistent across all of your campaigns, that way you can track visitor data from an overall perspective.

Campaign Medium: cpc or cpm or hybrid

  • While the medium does not matter too much, it will allow you to breakdown traffic by campaign type. In the future, we will automatically populate this with cpc or cpm based on how the ad is served.

Campaign Name:

  • This should be a short name similar to that of your campaign, ie: “weekend sale” or “new product launch”

After filling in the above information, click “Generate URL” and use that link when submitting a campaign through our interface.

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