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Accessing non-endemic inventory
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By working around the red tape of advertising exchanges and platforms, Mantis has successfully secured exclusive and direct partnerships with mainstream websites across the web. This means the same freedom and flexibility you have to launch campaigns within our network is now available to you at a much larger scale. We refer to these new mainstream ad placements as “non-endemic” inventory.

Bidding for Non-Endemic Inventory

Advertisers have the ability to turn ON/OFF access to non-endemic inventory as well as set your bid price for this new rotation. To begin advertising on non-endemic websites:

  1. Log in to your Mantis account (or create a new account)

  2. Navigate to the Campaigns tab in the left navigation

  3. Click into an existing campaign to manage its settings or create a new campaign

  4. When editing an existing campaign, click the Bidding tab at the top of the page to begin managing your bid settings. Note: You'll be able to control your targeting and bidding settings in the campaign creation wizard if you're creating a new campaign.

Setting your max vCPM bid for each rotation

Due to the massive scale of our mainstream partners, all non-endemic ads (i.e., ads targeted to mainstream publications) require the advertiser to set a max vCPM bid per category (i.e., the max price an advertiser wants to pay per 1,000 verified viewable ad impressions in each target market).

Mantis is a real-time bidding platform, and thus, the average winning evCPM bid varies greatly depending on the content category's supply and demand. When running non-endemic ads on popular mainstream websites, advertisers are not only competing against other advertisers in the Mantis ecosystem, but also with national brands bidding for the same inventory.

Here's how it works in a nutshell

  • Mantis compares the fixed bid price you are willing to pay, against all other advertisers in our system. The campaign/advertiser with the highest bid price is sent to the mainstream publication.

  • The publication will then compare the highest price presented from the Mantis network, against other mainstream ad networks who have also picked the best price from their system. If your price exceeds that of all other networks, your campaign will win the bid and your ad(s) will be displayed.

As we continue to onboard additional non-endemic partners and expand the reach of these new mainstream channels, your investment in this ad inventory gives Mantis the negotiating power required to turn the tide on restrictive ad policies across the ad-tech sector.

An example of the audience interest categories available to advertisers

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