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Setting a daily spend limit for your campaign
Setting a daily spend limit for your campaign
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How to set a daily spend budget

To implement a daily spend limit for your campaign(s), simply:

  1.  Log in to your Mantis buy-side account

  2. Click on the campaign name that you wish to manage from the list of campaigns listed on your Campaigns tab (if you don't see any campaigns, you will first need to create a new campaign)

  3. Click the Bidding tab from the sub-navigation menu at the top of your screen

  4. On the Bidding page for your campaign, scroll down until you see the option to set a daily spend limit and enter the maximum dollar amount you want your campaign to spend per day before automatically shutting off (as shown below)

Note: While we do our best to adhere to daily spend limits, system issues beyond Mantis' control may occasionally cause campaigns to exceed the thresholds you set. In these very rare instances, Mantis will not offer additional ad credits or refunds.


"What time zone/schedule is Mantis using to reset daily spend limits?"

Mantis resets campaign spend limiters at midnight EST.

"What's the lowest possible daily spend limit I can set for a campaign?"

All ad campaigns, regardless of type, have a minimum daily spend limit of just $10.00 per day. Additionally, if you need to pause a campaign at any time, you can log in to your Mantis account and manually pause/un-pause the campaign as you see fit.

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