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Serving CPC vs CPM ad inventory
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"What does it mean if my property is CPM approved?"

To ensure advertisers who pay a premium for priority cost-per-mille (CPM) placement on our network get the best value for their money, Mantis only allows their campaigns to run on a CPM model within pre-approved placements.

All campaigns support running on a cost-per-click (CPC) model for every publisher, but if a placement qualifies, Mantis will show it under a CPM model instead to maximize that property's earning potential.


"How does Mantis determine whether or not to serve CPC vs CPM ads?"

Before making a request for ads from the server, Mantis determines if visibility of a creative can be measured on your webpage using historical data. Most of the time, Mantis can verify if users will or will not see the ad served in the available zone, but some implementations (such as iFrames) prevent such capabilities.

Note: If there are technical limitations that prevent us from measuring visibility for zones on your property, Mantis will show CPC-only campaigns, otherwise the placement will be eligible for high-value CPM campaigns. This is obviously not ideal, so consider integrating directly with Mantis to maximize earning potential.


"How does my property get more access to CPM bids / inventory?"

Properties looking for more access to high paid CPM inventory should focus on catering to the following factors that influence earning potential for any given website:

  • Local traffic pays out higher than national/international traffic - Because of this, it makes sense to focus on obtaining local traffic. Ideas include state & city focused portals containing local news, businesses, etc...

  • Ad placements really do matter - Give us access to the best placements on your website (above fold, in-article, stick ads on mobile, etc) so that our ads are front-and-center with a good click through rating and you'll instantly notice a boost in earnings compared to when using Mantis in less-than-ideal locations.

  • Organic traffic converts better than social traffic - Because of this, advertisers tend to exclude large websites that rely on social traffic and instead focus on websites that drive a majority of their traffic through organic, relevant searches.

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