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Publisher payout schedule
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"How and when will I be paid as a Mantis publisher?"

At the beginning of each month, our system automatically calculates all of your property's earnings during the previous month.

Payments are processed manually by our staff and may not be processed on the first due to off business hours or holidays. While we do our best to send by end-of-day (US Eastern) on the first of each month, it is possible it can be delayed.

Note: While we have traditionally always paid on the 1st of each month, we technically operate on a NET 30, so there is no guarantee that when a payout is calculated you will receive it right away.


"Is there a minimum payout amount?"

Yes. If your account balance at the time of a payout is $50 USD or greater, your payout will be processed according to the payment method configured on your Payout tab. If your balance is under $50, your earnings will automatically be carried over to the next pay period.

"Can I request a payout at any time?"

No. We process our payouts in bulk at the beginning of each month. If you do not have the account balance minimum requirement, then you will have to wait until the next pay period when your account balance exceeds $50 to receive any funds.


"How much will I earn as a Mantis publisher?"

Click here to learn about your property's earning potential with Mantis.

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