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Unlike other buy-side platforms, we build direct relationships with digital publications and remove all intermediary fees to save you money. The result? Mantis is the world’s first transparently priced advertising ecosystem where agencies participate for free, brands save an average of 33%, and publishers earn what they deserve — 100% of the advertiser’s winning bid.

"Can we get a full list of the publications we'll run on?"

As is standard with most digital ad platforms, we do not provide an up-to-date list of every publication we work with, however we do highlight some select publishers here

Reasons for this include (but are not limited to):

  • Our publishing partners may choose to exclude certain advertisers and or campaign categories from displaying on their properties, so we prefer to not set expectations on having access to particular inventory

  • Our access to publisher inventory can change at any time, either due to a partner leaving the platform or us adding new websites

  • Some of our publisher partners prefer we not reference them in conversation or marketing material to prevent conflict with their direct sales efforts

  • The best way to view a list of publications is to run a test campaign and view the reports in your Mantis buy-side account

Important: While we do not make a complete list of our publishing partners publicly available, you will have full access through our reporting system to see all of the websites your campaigns appear on (plus, you can blacklist publishers if you'd like). 

Additionally, you have the option of limiting your campaigns to specific content categories to ensure you are only paying for audiences you feel are relevant to your product/service.

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