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Downloading the Mantis WordPress plugin
Downloading the Mantis WordPress plugin
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"I have a WordPress powered website; does Mantis have a WordPress plugin that I can use to manage ad placements?"

Although publishers using WordPress will still need to go through the standard on-boarding process of setting up ad zones within your admin dashboard, we have put together an official WordPress plugin that makes it easier than ever to control where and how Mantis ads are displayed on your website. With the Mantis Wordpress plugin, you can drag and drop ad zones into the widgets used by your template.

Download our free Wordpress plugin

Find us on GitHub

If you are interested in contributing new features to the project, feel free to fork our project on GitHub:

If you have any problems with using the plugin, feel free to contact us for support.

"Mantis is not accessible at this time"

If you receive the above message when trying to add a widget to your website, it is possible there is an incompatibility with our plugin and your hosting environment. Unfortunately, unless you or your development team can produce error logs from your system, we are unable to assist you with debugging the problem.

As an alternative you will need to:

  • Go into the MANTIS settings page and enable "Include Javascript at all times".

  • Go back to the page where you attempted to install the widget and instead of using ours, choose "Custom HTML".

  • Paste in a single "zone" tag (eg: <div mantis-zone-id />) that is listed in your backend.

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