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Becoming a Mantis publisher
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As a publisher on our network, you can monetize your website, blog, or app instantly with exclusive demand. Our proprietary supply-side platform will automatically serve quality, relevant ads on your website that your visitors will find value in. 

As a Mantis publisher, you’ll get paid for each click and impression your web pages generate, and you'll be given the tools you need to effectively monetize your audience at no extra cost. 

The best part is, Mantis charges no intermediary fees to buyers and takes absolutely no cut from your property's earnings. In other words, publishers included in the Mantis ad network earn what they deserve -- 100% of the advertiser's winning bid price.


How to sign up as a publisher

Getting started as a publisher in the Mantis ad network is quick and easy. Simply fill out this publisher application form and a rep will reach out to you, typically within 48 hours.

Upon acceptance into the network, you'll be given access to a self-service administration panel granting you the ability to serve advertisements from our network as well as manage your own in-house (direct) deals. 

Rest assured knowing we will walk you through every step of the process once your application is accepted.


"Do you have requirements for new publishers looking to join?"

Yes. Click here for more information related to new publisher requirements.

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