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Earn revenue with our native content recommendation widget

Publishers accepted into the Mantis ad network can earn money by referring readers to relevant and quality sponsored content hosted in a customizable content recommendation widget (as shown below). 

These native ad units are editorial-focused in nature and are strictly monitored to ensure a high-quality experience on partner publications. The content ads are typically located in a section directly under the article content, titled "You may also like..."

How native ads work

As a Mantis publisher, you earn money every time a sponsored story is clicked on by a valid reader (i.e., a real person clicks the ad after viewing the widget). 

CPC earn-outs for native ads start at $0.30/click but many endemic publications earn much more. Ultimately, the amount your property earns per click will be based on a wide variety of factors, namely supply/demand.

To view a full list of requirements for native ads, click here.

An example of the Mantis content recommendation widget on a publisher's website:

In the example above, the content articles indicated by the green box and words are examples of sponsored content and the remaining articles are in-house (i.e., written by the publication). 

Note: The percentage of paid to in-house content articles, the number of articles, and the styling of the sponsored story indicator is customizable within the Mantis SSP.


Adding our content recommendation widget to your website

To begin serving native ads via the Mantis content recommendation widget:

  1. Log in to your Mantis sell-side account (or sign up for a new account)

  2. Navigate to the Content tab in the left navigation to view the Implementation tab page (as shown below)

Once you have implemented the code for the Mantis content recommendation widget, your website will begin showing readers similar content sourced from either:

  • Your own hosted/existing content

  • Paid sponsored content from Mantis advertisers

How to exclude pages from the Mantis crawler

If you would like to ensure pages crawled by our system are not shown in the content recommendation widget, you can add a meta tag to the <head></head> of your page:

<meta property="mantis:recommend" content="exclude" />


Congratulations! You should now see our content widget on your website.

While you're at it... let's go ahead and implement our other revenue generating platforms to maximize your earnings with us:

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