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Optimizing your website for earnings
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Tips for optimizing your ad zones for viewability

As more publishers join the network and additional information is gathered about the browsing habits of our visitors, we can recommend approaches to increasing the performance of display ads on your website.

Below are a few ideas that we recommend you implement as they have proved successful with other publishers we work with:


Review your impression visibility for display advertising

If you are seeing a high concentration of unmeasurable or unviewed ad impressions, you should work on optimizing your placements. Any ad zones with under 50% viewability will automatically lose access to high-earning vCPM inventory and begin showing CPC backfill ads. Thus, it is very important to continue monitoring your viewability % metrics for each ad zone and optimize for maximum viewability as needed. 

To accomplish this as a Mantis publisher:

  1. Log in to your Mantis sell-side account (or sign up for a new account)

  2. Navigate to the Display tab in the left navigation, then click the Zones tab on the left navigation

  3. On this tab, you're able to view each ad zone for your property as well as each zone's corresponding visibility % and fill rate per device.


Use a "sticky ad zone" when serving creative on mobile devices

Sticky ads are ad units that are fixed to the top or bottom of a mobile screen. These type of ads tend to perform the best on the Mantis ad network and have some of the highest earning potential. Note: If you use the official Mantis WordPress plugin, the ability to add a sticky mobile ad to the top or bottom of a website is provided out of the box, in just a few clicks.


Avoid any advertising “dead zones” in your website design / layout

If you are able to scroll through a page to a point where no ads are displayed, you should find ways to break up content and increase the number of ads on the page that are in view-able ad zones.


If the user is reading an article, place an ad right after the content ends

We suggest you setup the zone in your administrative panel to display a leaderboard or medium rectangle ad on desktop/tablet devices and a static wide mobile banner or medium rectangle ad on mobile devices.


Consider prioritizing premium ad units that tend to payout more

For example, try prioritizing half page ads, billboard ads, and/or super leaderboards before showing a medium rectangle. Although Mantis has more access to medium rectangle ads, IAB rising star banners tend to payout more. Click here for a guide to setting up ad zones within the Mantis SSP.

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