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Earning potential as a Mantis publisher
Earning potential as a Mantis publisher
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Earn more with Mantis' unique 0% fee model

The Mantis ad network offers the most transparent and optimized supply path in the programmatic space. With a proprietary, end-to-end advertising ecosystem, Mantis removes all intermediaries and fees on ad spend.

The result? Mantis publishers earn 100% of the advertiser's winning bid. In other words, Mantis takes absolutely no cut from the money you earn as a publisher. Pretty amazing, right?


"How much money will my property earn as a Mantis publisher?"

Publisher earnings will vary depending on a wide variety of factors including, but not limited to:

  • Network supply and demand

  • Device type (e.g., desktop vs mobile)

  • Creative type (e.g., display, native, video, retargeted, and third-party ads all payout different rates)

  • Source of traffic (e.g., local traffic tends to generate much higher earn outs)

  • Campaign rotation (properties earn both vCPM and CPC payouts -- learn more)

The only way to know for sure how much your website traffic is worth at any given time, is to implement our various ad tags and test different ad placements/zones until you find a winning recipe.

As a Mantis publishing partner, you’ll be given access to a private admin panel and intuitive dashboard that makes it easy to track all of your property’s data in real-time. We give you the tools to run in-depth reports that are designed to help you optimize your property’s ad placements and grow your earning potential with Mantis.

Note: To get the most from your property’s traffic, we highly recommend you utilize all of our ad platforms listed below. As you may expect, the more valid impressions and clicks your property generates, the more money you will earn with Mantis.


"How are payouts handled within the Mantis SSP?"

Click here to learn more about our payout schedule and minimums.


Ready to get started?

Follow these step-by-step implementation guides for each channel:

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